Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro ISP Pinout EMMC Test Point EDL Mode 9008 Free

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro ISP Pinout EMMC Test Point aka EDL 9008 Mode Can be used to boot the phone into the EDL (Emergency Download Mode) Mode and Test Point Mode for Flash Firmware, Unlock Pattern Password Pin lock, MI Cloud Account lock, FRP Lock, Bootloader Unlock, by using any third party software like QPST tool, Miracle Box, MRT Tool, UnlockTool, etc. If you would like to know Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro ISP Pinout EMMC Test Point EDL Mode 9008 image along with all the other EDL & Fastboot processes then these instructions and our EDL Mode Image will help you shortly.

Nowadays, most of the new Qualcomm, MTK phones come with emergency test point connections to secure the phone from unauthorized customizations. You can’t flash or unlock your phone using the official flash tool or by the boot key method if you don’t have an authorized ID password from the service center. So, the only way is to use the EDL, Test Point Mode.

Don’t forget to install Xiaomi USB Driver before proceeding to further.

Download Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro ISP Pinout Test Point Image:

Image Credit: Gadgetsdr.com

How to Use ISP Pinout EMMC Test Point for Xiaomi Mi 10 pro Enter EDL Mode

Below, we will show you how to set your device into Emergency Download Mode.

ADB Method

  • Enable USB Debugging By Opening Settings =>> About Device => Software Version =>
  • Tap Build Number 5-10 times until you get the You are now a developer
  • Back to the Settings menu =>> Aditional Setings
  • Open Developer Options =>> Enable USB Debugging Mode on
  • Now Connect your phone to your computer
  • Run CMD as an Administrator
  • Send these commands
.\adb devices 
.\adb reboot edl

Fastboot Method:

  • Download EDL Tools Fastboot
  • Extract the Tool using 7zip or WinRar
  • Turn Off the Xiaomi Phone
  • Press Vol – + Power key & Hold it
  • You will get the
  • Turn on Fastboot Mode to reboot your phone and then connect to the computer.
  • Enter to reboot.bat
  • Your Xiaomi Mi 10Pro successfully entered Emergency Download Mode
.\fastboot devices 
.\fastboot oem edl

EDL Testing Point Method

  • Download & Install the Xiaomi Qualcomm QD loader driver for your computer
  • Remove the Back Cover from Your Smartphone carefully
  • Refer to the EMMC test point images above.
  • Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable Get a copper wire and reduce the Pinout
  • Done.

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