How to Fix App Stopped Working and Crashing Error on Android Phones – 2021

Android is an open-source platform, which is why it lacks stability and smoothness. The platform and the framework also cause stability problems for apps and games. Android apps are susceptible to crashes in another way. We’ve listed the possible solutions to fix app crashes and stopped working errors on Android devices – 2021.

If you are experiencing multiple apps crashes on your Android device, you may not be the only one. Google acknowledged that the issue may be caused by a bad Android System WebView upgrade. Google has not yet been able to resolve the crashing issues in Gmail for Android devices.

Don’t panic if your Android app crashes. To resolve this issue completely, you can simply follow this way to Fix Android App Stopped Working and Crashing Error on Android Phones.

How to Fix Android App Crashing and Stopped Working – 2021

Google mentions that simply Google Play Store app allows you to update the Android System WebView or Google ChromeThe problem should be fixed on your Android device immediately.

The current version of Android System WebView can be viewed on the Google Play Store.Ver. Ver. respective. The Google Chrome browser app has received the most recent update today (Mar 23, 2002).

It’s not clear if this will fix other Android app crashes, but if you are a victim of these issues, then update both apps from Play Store to check if the app stops working or if it is still crashing.

  • Click on theGoogle Play StoreTo open the app, use the Android app
  • Tap on the Search option at the top > Type.Android System WebView.
  • To open the page, tap on the link in the search results. [DO NOT tap the Beta version]
  • Select the appropriate option.UninstallTo deleteAndroid System WebViewProgram.
  • After you have completed the changes, restart your phone to apply them.
  • This will fix the App Stopped working and Crashing error on Android Devices.

If you do not want to delete the program, you can visit the Android System WebView page on Play Store and click on Up-to-date to get the most recent version (89.0.4389.105).

We recommend that you tap on the Hamburger menu Play Store > SelectMy Apps and Games> Click onKeep Up-to-DateTo automatically install any pending app/game update. To change the effects, make sure you reboot your device.

This is it guys. We trust that this guide has been helpful. You can leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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